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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life Update!

I really got away from posting!  Life happens and some things just have to be put aside.

Life in middle school is going well!  I really love it!  My kids are great, the staff is great and everything is working out well!

I was award the first Crystal Apple Award at school.  It is an in house award, not the Fox 4 Crystal Apple.

It gets turned over to the next teacher in October but I'm pleased that I got it first!  After 6 long years of teaching, I've finally been acknowledged for doing something.


So life got in the way and my food intake got bigger.  I've gained weight :(
I'm not proud of it, I got lazy.
I confess that I started eating more and moving less.
I feel sluggish, stressed and depressed

On Monday I went to the doctor and what I saw on the scale sent me into tears.  I've decided I need to get back on track.  I'm mad at myself for letting it get this far gone.  I ate breakfast this morning and regretted it the minute it touched my lips.

Back to changes!  Time to move forward, not look back!

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