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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day

It's starts with the question: You got a snow day?

The answer is Hell Yeah!  With 12+ inches of snow and more to come, it was not safe to be out today. I'm grateful not to be out in this weather today.

Missouri has issued a state of emergency for the area.  Travel has been highly discouraged throughout the area.

So how does one exercise when walking is not an option and driving is out of the question?

That's easy... The Wii Fit!  There is walking on Walk It Out or anything on the Wii Fit board.  Of course there is also snow shoveling.  I will have to be careful though, don't want to screw up my back anymore.

If all else fails, I can also just not exercise today and take it as a loss :)

Happy Snow Day Kansas City!

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