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Friday, April 19, 2013

Hey New Kids on the Block

Hey there my sexy boy band from my childhood!

My obsession for you when I was younger has grown.  I saw you when I first moved to KC!  It was probably the best concert EVER!

Well, you are back and your new song gives fat asses like me hope in life!

Thank you for helping me not feel like I'm doomed to be ugly and fat for the rest of my life :)

One love sick fat fan that is trying to better herself

Okay, sorry for that but it needed to be said. Their new song is fun, easy to dance around the house to and the lyrics speak to me.

Remix (I like the) by New Kids on the Block

I also LOVE this video because Donnie dances with a fat chick.  Gives me hope, you know!

Some of the lyrics for you :)

She was that girl in the corner
Thick-rimmed glasses
Everybody laughed
Every time she passed us
Ever the outcast
Had no flava
But who got the last laugh

Always came last
No one ever kissed her
Missing for days
But nobody missed her
She went from wallpaper
To heartbreaker
You shoulda seen her

Now her body’s so crazy
Got mad attention
Everybody wants her
I forgot to mention
My baby’s so intelligent
Down with it
Got it all

See no one ever knew
She was a transformer
Went straight from a 2
To an I just wanna own ya

I like the new you
Forget about the old school
I love the sexy thing you turned into
So gimme the v2
Some of that love fuel
I like the beat that your body moves to

I really have a renewed sense of love for NKOTB after this song and then the admission that Jonathan has an anxiety disorder.  Between my weight, being a wallflower, being awkward, and have anxiety and depression; this band is my new celeb. hero!

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