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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Want S'more

So I'm trying something different...

S'mores Cake!

I am obsessed with s'mores.  Have been for years and years.  It is a secret obsession.  Recently, Dairy Queen came out with S'mores Blizzards.  OMFG!  A mini does it for me :)

I am really wanting an actual s'mores though so I decided to do some online research.  I've seen a few recipes but none of them seemed perfect... So, I created my own!

Rebekka's I Want S'more Cake

1 box Chocolate Devil's Food cake mix
1 bag Hershey's Milk Chocolate Chips
1 bag small marshmallows
1 bag large marshmallows
1 box honey graham crackers
1 13x9x1 pan

 Preheat oven 350. Make the cake mix as per the box.

Pour about 1/3 of the cake mix in the bottom of a grease pan.
The break graham crackers in half and place on top of the unbaked cake mix.

 Pour the entire bag of Hershey's Milk Chocolate Chips over the top of the graham crackers.

 Place small marshmallows over the chocolate chips.
Break more graham crackers in half and place on top of marshmallows.

 Pour the rest of the cake batter on top of the graham crackers and spread evenly.

After 30 minutes take the cake out of the and turn oven to broil at 500 degrees.
Place the large marshmallows on top.

 It doesn't have to be pretty but try to space everything out.
Put back in the oven under the broiler but DO NOT leave!  It happens quick!

This gives the "fire" look to the marshmallows and warms them up enough.
Take the back of a spoon and smush them down.
The smushing isn't necessary but it looks good :)

Wait until it cools before cutting because the marshmallows will stick to the knife otherwise and destroy your pretty cake.

This will be a pretty rich cake so small pieces are recommended!  Let me know if you are making it and how it turns out!  I'm pretty sure it will be AWESOME!

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