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Friday, February 7, 2014

Hello again...

To get myself back on track, I've been reading through my blog... holy crap!  I've been way honest!  I've opened up more than I probably should have. Wasn't that the point though?

As I sit here and reflect on the last 2 years of my professional and personal life, I've realized that the blog became 2nd fiddle to everything else in my life, just like my weight loss.

I had a health scare on New Years Day that landed me in the ER.  I had the worst pain in my abdomen.  I thought it was a number of different things but mostly thought I could just ride it out.  When I couldn't even lay down due to the pain, I took my happy ass into the ER.

Blood work said I was fine.  X-ray said I was fine.  Urine test said I was fine.

No one had any idea what was going on!

They decided I need to have an ultra sound done.  As someone that has never had one, I have to say that it is a weird goopy feeling.  There was something there but they needed to be sure so I was "wanded".  If you have never had a vaginal wand ultra sound, consider yourself the luckiest person alive.  Imagine someone jabbing a wand up your private area and moving it around like a hand mixer.

Great visual right?!

So in March I get to do it again!  I'm so excited *insert eye roll*!  At least I don't have to fast for that one but I do have to drink gallons of water.  Fun!

So why are you getting this information... well, other than being way too honest, it is also about weight loss.  It was suggested that I lose 10-15 pounds by March 17.  All kinds of fun tests need to be done on me... oh joy!  The preliminary diagnosis is PCOS.  http://women.webmd.com/pcos-directory

It is something that I will definitely have to watch.  I will have to have regular check ups and now that I know what the pain is, I don't have to go to the ER and spend $1200 just to have an IV put in.

My weight loss is now even more important than it was.  I am really stepping up and will be working go make myself healthier in order to help myself.

As I have in the past...

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