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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

losing patience

I would say that I am not losing but have lost my patience today.  Nothing seems to be going right and frankly, I need to start over.

I have The Beatles station playing on Pandora to sooth the beast (my lack of patience).

I have 4 students at my table all working on different things, I have others at their desks working quietly, and some working together.

I thought my day sucked and that nothing was going right.

And then...

Student D (Spanish speaker) was helping Student L (Laotian speaker).  He did so without prompting and then proceeded to use English.  It brought tears to my eyes!  The compassion Student D showed toward the frustrated Student L was amazing!  My day wasn't bad, it was just temporarily broken.

If two students that barely speak English and don't even speak the same language can communicate and work through their problems; why can't I work through my weight loss struggles?

Just some thoughts for today... well, yesterday!  I had every intention of posting this yesterday but time got away from me and it didn't get done.

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