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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My job

Some days I complain about the students.  Some days I complain about the work load.  Some days I complain about the politics of education.


On days like today, it just seemed off and nothing seemed to work out the way I wanted, one thing is for sure; my students can make me smile.

Sweet moment number one... I was helping one of the first grade teachers test today.  She has lost her voice!   The students never did find it though.  Anyway, a special friend brought me a poster signed by all the students with a piece of candy from each student!  I nearly cried right there!  Thank you Heather E.!!!!

Sweet moment number two... Same little friend is telling me all about Spiderman (no surprise if you've heard my stories) and starts drawing Spiderman for his writing he'll do Thursday.  At the top of his paper I see this...

He told me it is a "radybug cause you like dem!"  Then he gave me a hug!  Tears started to form!

Sweet moment number three... I got a new little friend on my roster last week. She's just cute as a bug!  Since she has very little English, I have started working with her.  She has attached herself to me now!  I told her that I would take her to the bus.  I was holding her hand and a parent stopped me in the hall.  The girl was pulling on my hand and I shook her hand and gave it a little squeeze.  She squeezed back and smiled her big toothless smile.  She was just playing a game with me.  Too cute!

It's those kinds of things that make not so good days even better!


  1. Isn't amazing how upset you can be and a child can turn it all around with something as simple as a picture?!

  2. Agreed. love the little.things that make.us appreciate our.jobs even more.

  3. Awwww love all those sweet stories!!!