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Friday, January 25, 2013


I am ready for a new challenge in my life.  What is this challenge you are asking yourself?

Doctorate?  Soon

Marriage?  Um... No

Kids?  Would love them but no

Another 5K?  Hell to the yes!  I will be participating in the Color Run June 1, 2013 I had so much fun the first 2 times that I have to do it again.

Even another 5K?  Hell to the yes!  This isn't any 5K, it is a women's only 5K that is an obstacle course. I'm ready for you Dirty Girl! http://www.godirtygirl.com/  If you want to join my team, we are the Dirty Cupcakes

I'm ready for a physical challenge!  I have decided that I am ready to push myself beyond my comfort level and to show myself that I am AWESOME!

This 5K is June 22, 2013 in Kansas City, KS.  I am so ready to do something different and what a great way to end the school year!

Now, I'm not just challenging myself.  You see, this is a really sneaky way to get others involved.

Regardless of your physical abilities, this challenge is aimed at you.  Make this your 5K that moment in your life that changes you.  Make it that moment that gives you that slice of self-esteem that others have ripped from you and now you are fighting back for it.

Make it your moment!

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