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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last year

So this is the picture that began my blog....

Although the picture was taken from a different angle, I feel like there is a difference here. 

My plan over the next few days is to take the "Biggest Loser" pictures again.

This is one of my favorite activities when I go out to see my dad and step-mom.  I really enjoy feeding chickens and interacting with these very yummy birds.  These are not for eating though. 
One year ago when I started working out with my trainer, 1 and 2 pound weights were next to impossible for me to lift.  It's incredible how far I've come in such a short time.  Today I was working with 10 pound weights!  I don't know what it was about my workout today but there is a renewed sense of hope for me. 

 I want to be at least 20 pounds lighter in June when I do the Color Run for the 3rd time on June 1, 2013.  I may be doing a 4th in September.  It is fun, motivating and something I want to do any chance I get. I am disappointed that I didn't lose more weight but 20 pounds is a lot of weight.  Don't believe me?  Go to the grocery store and pick up 2 10lb bags of potatoes.  There ya go!  Imagine carrying that around!

I guess the biggest issue I have right now is that I have a lot of stress and work coming up.  The question is, how will I handle all of this.  How can I take what is set in front of me and become a healthier person. 

<-------  My a-ha!  I need to be selfish.  I need to take care of me!

How can I though? My job requires me to put my all into it every day.  I feel as though I neglect my friends and family because of the obligations that work and grad school put on me. 

I guess if I had to make one New Years Resolution it would be to make myself a priority in life.  I've spent too much time making others a priority that it is my turn.

So to conclude... In 1 years time I've made impressive gains, not lost as much as I wanted but still lost weight and got healthier.  2013 is the year of being selfish!

Make one resolution this year...

Be your own #1 priority!


  1. You have done tremendous! I'm happy for you and proud of the work you've done :) Keep moving forward!