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Friday, January 4, 2013

So I thought I blogged yesterday, I was wrong :)

I had an interesting experience yesterday...

I was at the mall planning on going to The Body Shop.  You know those little kiosks you have to walk past to get to the stores... yeah those annoying things.  Well, this guy tried to stop me and I told him no thank you.  Well, he said, you look like someone that is too fat and needs to lose weight.  I almost went postal on him! 

What makes you think that is okay to say to someone you want business from?  So yeah, insulting my weight will get you my business *reread that with sarcasm :)*  I just walked away shaking my head and seeing fire. 

For me, being criticized makes me want to punch you as opposed to sit there and listen to you.

So thank you insulting-weight-loss-kiosk-man, you proved to me that no matter what you are selling, being an asshole translates to it.  Oh and thank you for the motivation you gave me, now I want to lose weight my way and go back to give you the bird.  Have a nice day insulting-weight-loss-kiosk-man.

Thought of the day:
 Insulting-weight-loss-kiosk-man didn't kill my dream but made me dream bigger!  Suck on that!

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  1. OK, Let me at 'im. NOBODY attacks my kid that way!!! What a fool, does he think that will sell his dubious product? Did you report him to the Mall management? I would be tempted to do just that and tell them that you won't be back until that kiosk is GONE GONE GONE!!!