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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So... I'm finally closing in on 15 pounds.

I changed my number of calories per day from 1980 to 1700.  Deciding to do this didn't come easy.  My body had gotten used to eating 1980 calories.  Making the change will take some getting used to.  I think doing this will move my weight loss forward.  I had gotten frustrated with where I was.  I wasn't happy staying at where I had plateaued.

There are 45 days until the Color Run and I don't feel like I'm getting very far.  My body is yelling at me to keep moving.  My brain is telling me to keep moving.  My responsibilities are telling me that I need to spend some time on Grad. School.

I'm just stressed and over the limit right now. Summer school may have been a bad idea....

Off to do some work!

Until later...

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