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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Reading for pleasure, watching a movie, playing with the cat, watching tv, pinning, crafting, exercising, and sleep.

What do all of these have in common?  Give up?  They take time!

The last few weeks have given me no time at all. Now that I have a week to breathe, I'm taking full advantage.  I've seen 4 movies, started 2 new shows on Netflix, stepped up the exercise, played with Mr. William, and have started a book.

Go me!

So on the exercise front, I decided to try out the elliptical today.  The last time ended up less then 5 minutes.  Today was 27 or 28 minutes.  I had to stop a few times because my toes started going numb.  I need to figure out how to remedy that.

I also had a session with my trainer.  He said that he was very impressed with how far I've come.  I exhausted less quickly now and that he has to push me harder to tire me.  I'm sore tonight and can barely lift my arms.

Get out and enjoy this weather, it won't stay around for long.

Until tomorrow....

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