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Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7th

It was a stressful week last week!

I can finally get back to blogging!  I have missed it!

There are a lot of changes happening at the personal and professional levels.  I just really think that most of these will be for the best.  In about a month I get to see my step-sister and niece!  I'm so excited!  They live so far away so I don't get to see them very often.  We are going to be going to the Symphony in the Flint Hills.  It is a beautiful wonderful thing. http://www.symphonyintheflinthills.org/

So exercise was pretty non-existent last week.  It's time to get my ass moving again. Tomorrow I meet with my trainer, Thursday I have a SIT meeting and the kinder/1st grade spring concert. Wednesday is my only day this week I will be home by 5pm.  Yikes!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
Thank a teacher if you can read this!

I'm off to relax and enjoy not having anything pressing to do....

Until tomorrow...

Thought of the day:
Why do teachers make so little yet do so much?  Without us, the doctors, lawyers, and athletes wouldn't be where they are today. 

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