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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So, after a few hellish days I decided on some retail therapy.  A trip to Gordman's was in order!  I love Gordman's.  There is just something about that place!

For awhile I was into shoes but never bought any from Gordman's.  Then I was into purses.  I have gotten a few from Gordman's.  I have had really good luck with purses. 

All the clothes I have gotten from there have been really good quality. 

Now jewelry... Boy howdy now that is my newest obsession!  I love necklaces!  There isn't anything better than an awesome necklace!  Now tonight I bought 2 necklaces.  I thought it was only one but turns out it was two different ones.  Oops!  That is probably why my bill was a little higher than I thought. 

I also got some bracelets.  Now, I was trying them on but couldn't get my "man-hands" in them.  Then I saw it... "Plus Sized"?!  WTF?!?!?!?!  Clothes and shoes are one thing but bracelets?!

That's great!  Let's make the fat girls feel fatter by telling them that their jewelry needs to be different too.  As much as it irritates me, I bought one.  I had to have something to match my outfit! 

I guess I should be happy that there is jewelry out there that I can wear but I find it slightly offensive to have it labeled plus sized. Just make different sizes and be done with it.  Oh well, I guess it's not my call.

As a side note, my life is going to start to get really busy and crazy.  Posts will probably become more sporadic but I will tell you that I will still post and update.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I started selling premier jewelry! I LOVE it! And.. There's so Many stretch bracelets so it fits "people like us" (hope that doesn't offend u --I just know where your coming from!!!). If your interested in seeing a magazine let me know. I also do parties which would allow you a chance to earn FREE jewelry! :)

  2. I learned a trick (for those tight bracelets) at a Premier party a few weeks back. Put your hand in a Wal-Mart style shopping bag and slide the bracelet over your bagged hand. Slides right over :) Take it off the same way.

  3. @Jennie~ One of our teachers at school sells Premier. Thank you for the offer though.

    @Rachelle~ Good trick!