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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A new start

I woke up this morning, determined to make my day better. I went to the gym and only spent 30 minutes there.  My shorts were riding up my thighs and driving me absolutely crazy.  Not to mention it was so hot in there, I was sweating before I even got on the elliptical.  I felt totally gross.

I decided last night that I need to eat more meat (yuck!).  In order to do this, I need to be able to cook it and actually not just buy it then not use it (that happens more often then not). 

I spent less than $20 on a small George Foreman Grill.  It's small and can sit on the counter.  I then bought some freezer bags.  When I got home I put a single serving of each kind of meat (turkey, chicken, pork chops and steak) into the freezer bags and into the freezer.

I'm hoping this way I can just pull out one freezer bag, defrost it, and then cook it on the Foreman grill.  I found some marinades that didn't sound too gross and some rubs as well.  I'm hoping those will help with the taste.  I'm just not big into meat if you can't tell.

I'm hoping to get to the pool a little later today.  If I can't, then I want to at least go running tonight.  We shall see what the day brings.  For now though, off to read a book!

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