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Monday, July 6, 2015

13 Days until surgery

Instead of looking at it as 1 day down, I decided to view it as 13 days to go.  Watching the number get smaller seems like a good idea.

I weighed myself today, didn't do pictures though.  Oh well, I'll get them tomorrow.

I want some serious before and afters.


Started the liquid diet today.  Boy does it SUCK!  I had a small cheat (watermelon).  It was only a few pieces but damn it tasted good!

The goal is to shrink my liver so surgery is easier to complete.  I'm hoping everything shrinks like it's supposed to.

I'm super hungry right now and am pushing myself through.  Lots of water and things that don't taste like my protein shake.

Here's to 13 more days!  *cheers*

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