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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tough Decisions Pt 3

What is the last resort?

I have spent many years with this decision in the back of my mind.

A doctor once told me that I was never going to be able to lose weight and to just give up.

Nope!  No!  No, no, no, no!

How dare he say that!  That was the moment in time I decided to take my health and my life back.

Now that I am 5 years out from working out with a trainer (recommended by a doctor with bedside manners), I am finally ready!

At 34 years old I am taking my life into my hands.  F the doctor that said I would never be able to do anything about my weight.

I have tried everything and nothing has stuck.

I have PCOS, insulin resistance, and fertility issues.

I want kids!  I want to feel good!  I want to live!

With that being said, on Monday July 20th at 9:15 I report to the hospital for gastric sleeve surgery.

YOU WHAT?!?!?!?!

You read that right, gastric sleeve!

This decision hasn't been made lightly.  It is major surgery and I will be losing the majority of my stomach.  My stomach will only be about 2 oz big from that point on.

This is something that I have full support from my parents, the boyfriend, and my 2 best friends in Texas (it's weird to say they live an hour from each other).

I can't do this without support.  One of my close friend's (ex boyfriend from high school and an awesome friend) and his fiancee have had the sleeve done and love it.  He was my inspiration for starting things up now.

I really didn't want to say anything about surgery until it got a little closer but I feel like an open dialogue is needed.

Let's start this dialogue....

Ask any questions you want!

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