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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tough Decisions pt. 1

Some decisions are pretty easy...

What should I have for dinner?
Which shoes should I wear while working out?
John or Paul?
Brown or black with pink?

Some decisions are very difficult and not to be done quickly...

Should I buy a house?
Should I go on vacation to Florida or California?
What should I get a master's degree in?
Should I get married/have a baby/start a family?

None of those decisions should be taken lightly (with the exception of the vacation question).

I made a decision a few years ago.  It was before I started the blog and before I really had any clue what this decision would entail.

As someone that has been overweight my entire life, I have tried it all.

South Beach.... check
Atkins.... check
Blood Type... check
Weight Watchers.... check
Low fat.... check
Paleo.... check
Vegetarian.... check

You name it!

I have also counted calories and done so many other things that you would think I was a master of all things diet!

I had to make a decision that will change my life.

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