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Thursday, July 19, 2012

ABC's part 2

Nobody wrote anything on my last post :(  Oh well, I won't cry about it.

It's coming up on 7 months and I can't help but toot my own horn since this is the longest I've ever done anything healthy.

Here are my ABC's...

A- Attitude~ I have definitely changed my attitude towards working out and getting better.  There are days that I don't want to go work out just like anyone but I miss it if I don't go regularly.

B- Butt~ It's not as flabby and cellulite-looking as it has been.  It's tightening up and even the old guy at the gym thinks it looks good on the treadmill.

C- Cellulite~ My cellulite is slowly going away.  Although it will never been gone, the look of it is lessening at that is okay with me.

D- Determination~ I have more determination to get and stay healthy then I have ever before.

E- Exercise~ I've stepped up to 4 times a week now.  Feeling good about it too!

F- Fat Girl in the Corner~ Although she will always be a part of me, I'm committing metaphorical murder. The Fat girl in the corner is no longer welcome, wanted or needed.  By exercising, eating right and getting healthy, she is going away.

G- Gratitude~ I honestly don't think I can say thank you enough!  I have so many people in my life that are rooting for me and cheering me on that I just don't think I have enough thank you's in my vocabulary.

H- Head Games~ I play games with myself, just like we all do.  I tell myself to give up, I tell myself I'm not good enough, you know, all though things that you tell yourself to self-sabotage. I'm really trying to be positive and not self-sabotage.

I- Ice Cream~ Oh how I love ice cream!  Sometimes you just have to give yourself a little treat.

J- Jiggle~I have lots of jiggly loose skin. By doing strength training, I am firming up my skin.  Most likely I will have to have some nip/tuck happen but at least I know I've worked my butt off to get to that point.

K- Knees~ Well, it's just my right knee... I sit down and hear crunching noises, I stand up and hear crunching noises, luckily when I walk it doesn't happen but it can hurt after a few miles of walking.

L- Learning Curve~ Wow!  Eating healthy has been a huge learning curve.  Eating out has been the biggest challenge to eating.  I'm getting better at picking food but it's still not that good.  I'm also having snacking issues.  It's also a learning curve but you know, I've discovered some foods that I really like and they are healthy foods with tons of flavor!

M- Motivation~ Motivation is a tricky sneaky friend.  Sometimes she is right there telling me that I can do it and that I'm awesome.  Sometimes she is a horrible friend and tells me to give up. Motivation's twin sister is Head Games.  They work together!  When Motivation and Head Games are helping me in positive ways, I want their friendship.  When they are being negative, I want to break up with them.  It's so hard!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow (or later tonight) I will post the rest of the alphabet.  I've got some good ones! 

Until then...

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