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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Bouncing Flouncing Falling All Around the Show

I came across this video last night when I found something for my step-sister about pugs on Etsy.  

After watching Loca, I've decided to take his/her? attitude!  Although I only ran a very small part of The Color Run and won't be able to run much of the Glow Run on Saturday, "the thing that makes it all okay, my family luv me!"  I will take Loca's attitude, inability to run and look like a spaz with me on Saturday and do my very best.  

Not only does my family luv me but my friends luv me!  I continue to thank you for the support and I truly mean every word!

As a side note, his inability to run is caused by a neurological disorder called ataxia, which is in most cases neither life-threatening nor painful.


  1. You certainly don't have to run it to be a success! You're right, it's all about attitude-especially your attitude about yourself :) You are certainly a different person from the Rebekka I first met.

  2. Thank you Rachelle! I teared up when I read your comment. I don't feel like the same person from 3 years ago. See you tomorrow!