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Friday, July 13, 2012

Must... blog...

Today I went to pick up my packet for the Glow Run.  I'll try not to be all over the place with this :)

When I got there at 1:30 (pick up was at 2) the 2 people running the show were standing outside the door waiting.  About 5 min. later someone came and opened the door for them.  Although there was a hand cart sitting by the van, it was not loaded with anything.  After they were let in, it was then that they decided to go load up the cart.  Now, I would have loaded the cart while waiting for management to come unlock the door but then again, I have common sense. 

There were only 2 official Glow Run people.  It was a mess!  Once the volunteers got there, they finally decided to unload things off the hand carts after standing around "talking" about what they were going to do for 10 minutes.  The lady next to me in line and I were rolling our eyes at the mess.  They finally get everything ready time to start the process....

I was 5th back in line so I thought it would take a whole 2 minutes... WRONG!

The table had no organizations other than alphabetical.  There were 5 people behind the envelope table (3 volunteers).  One would ask you for your last name and take off to find your envelope.  While I was waiting for the lady to get mine, 3 other people back there asked me for my last name.  Eye roll!  If it were me, I would have 4 sections set up A-G, H-L, M-R, S-Z or something like that.  It just makes so much sense to me! 

I had asked for an extra large men's shirt (fits perfectly BTW).  I was told "not many people wear shirts that big, that's why they aren't out".  Um... EXCUSE ME!  WTF?!  RUDE!  The dude in front of me got a men's XL shirt.  It was a volunteer but still... I had a hard time not reaching over the table and punching her in the face.

I finally got out of there and was very happy to be away from there.

If today was any indication, tomorrow night will be just as jacked up.  I most likely will never do the Glow Run again.

For those of you reading that are doing it, what was/is your experience?
I need to keep hearing this every day all day.  With my self-doubt talk lately, it's needed!

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