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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Tuesday

It's been one of those days...

I've been in a funk, kinda pissy and craving chocolate.  It is creeping up on my TOM so that explains it.  Still though I have just wanted to hide. 

I'm caffeine free 2 days in a row now, it's not intentional, I just haven't had any.  No headache or anything but that might explain some of the funk I'm in as well.

Oh well, hopefully this no caffeine will help me get to bed early tonight.  I need to start getting back on a sleep schedule for school.  Truthfully, I'm yawning at 8:30 at night so I'm taking this as a good sign.

Tomorrow is a busy day of work outs, grocery shopping and continuing to drink enough water to drown a fish.

Until then...

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