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Sunday, July 22, 2012

ABC's Part 3

Sporadic postings this week, sorry about that.

Now to finish what I've started....

N- Never Give Up, Never Surrender~ This is a lifestyle change.  I shall never give up the fight to be healthy.  I will never surrender myself when I have an off day/few days/week.

O- Options~ There are a lot of options out there for people trying to get healthy.  I have found foods that I love and things that I would rather eat instead of the crap.  I love my options.

P- Patience~ It didn't take overnight to put on the weight, so why would you take it off overnight.  I think my patience is getting better.

Q- Quit?!~ I will never quit!!!!!  Healthy is a lifestyle!!!!

R-Reassurance~ I have to reassure myself that I can do it.  Sometimes when I feel like giving up, I look at my pictures and can see the changes in my body.  I look at my arms and can see and feel the muscle tone.  These times make me realize that I can do it and will do it.

S- Stamina~ When I started working out, 20 minutes was way too much.  When I made it to 30 I celebrated!  When I made it to 45 I celebrated!  When I made it to 60, I knew I was there!!!  The stamina to work out and get healthy takes time.  I'm also building up my jogging stamina.  Friday night I would jog for 2 1/2 minutes then walk for a minute.  I did this for 30 minutes and felt awful yet fantastic!

T- Temptation~ Oh ice cream, chocolate and cheese... How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!  These are my biggest temptations for me.  It's all about figuring out how to work with your temptations and not let them over run you.  One piece of Dark Chocolate Honey Mints from Trader Joe's seems to work to get rid of my cravings. Cheese is a good protein for a snack, I just have to limit myself. Temptations suck!

U- Understand~ You have to understand a lot about yourself in the process.  I understand that I have a long ways to go to get healthy.  I understand that my body is changing during the get healthy process and I have to change with my body.

V- Victim~ I WAS a victim.  A victim of well-meaning family.  A victim of domestic violence.  A victim of depression/anxiety.  A victim of my own self-loathing.  Now that I have decided to not be a victim but to be a survivor and a changer, my outlook has changed.  Well meaning family can not be changed, I just have accepted that they were well meaning and move on.  The person that was violent towards me was a bully and not a very nice human being.  It was his problem, not mine.  Depression/anxiety is something I will fight with the rest of my life.  Medication is something that I will probably have to be on, it's in my DNA and I can not change it but I can control it.  Self-loathing is a difficult thing to change.  It has taken many many years and tears to stop hating myself and start loving myself.

W- Weight~ Although my weight is not changing rapidly, I am seeing a difference in my body.  That to me shows that I am doing something right.

X- Xanthippe~ I am not a xanthippe!  Please look this up!  I would like to think I am happy.

Y-Yummy!~  There are so many healthy foods out there that are yummy.  You have to find what you like.  I am really into tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, Ranier cherries, bananas, and plums.  I also love sweet potato chips, hummus and pita bread.  In moderation all of these things are really yummy and really healthy.  You just have to find what it is you can't get enough of.

Z- Zaftig~ I love this word!  I am zaftig, it's a great way to describe someone that looks like me.  If you don't know this word, look it up!

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