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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10th

I was told today that I'm a "brave blogger."  I don't want to be considered brave.  I wrote yesterday's blog because that relationship's ghosts are hindering my life in a number of ways.  The  types of posts like yesterday will not happen much more.  I think I've got it all out of me!

Today's workout kicked my butt! I did 26 minutes on the stationary bike and then I spent an hour with the trainer.  His 5:30 didn't show up so he decided to keep working with me.  Thank you 5:30 dude!  NOT!  I could have lived a thousand lives without working out for 90 minutes today. I have some muscles that I didn't know exist.  The one in particular that hurts is the butt muscle.  Sitting down hurts :( 

After today's workout, I have 1307 calories left.  The thing is, I'm eating the same way I've been eating.  Only now I'm tracking it and adding exercise.  I know that exercise is important.  I get it, I really do.  Without motivation though, I never did it.  What's nice is that I can take my text books with me and read them while I'm exercising.  That will help me with time management.

Time management is something that I have always struggled with.  Like I had said in a previous post, if it's not written down, it doesn't get done. Every moment of my work day will need to be planned out.  If I don't, homework and exercise can fall by the wayside.  I WILL NOT let that happen.  I WILL succeed!

Thought of the day:
A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths.
Steven Wright

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