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Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6th

So today has been a very long day.

Brit and Trey have been here tonight. Trey is into everything! We have played, we have laughed, we have cuddled. It was nice to be able to get to have some special time with that little guy! He will be 3 in April and I have enjoyed being in his life. Seeing him tonight made me realize that I am doing this for all the right reasons. This sweet, onry, curly headed little guy makes me smile and laugh. Those are things that I just don't feel like I do often. I sure do love my T!

I'm hungry! I don't feel like I'm eating enough. According to myfitnesspal.com, I am to eat 2095 calories every day to lose weight. Wednesday I had a little slip up and went 90 calories over my limit. Other than that, I have been ending my day with calories to spare. It's not like I am planning that, I'm just eating 3 meals a day with a brief mid morning snack and a small snack at plan time. I don't feel like I'm doing anything different other than changing the types of food I'm putting into my body. So I guess this is why I'm confused by being hungry. My water intake has stayed the same as well.

Looking through my Facebook pictures gave me a good shock. I found pictures from back in 2006. That was a scary lookback! Brittany and I looked at the pictures tonight and we have agreed that there is some change but for the most part I look the same. That would be great if I wasn't so heavy. I think my heaviest was in 2006 around the time the first picture I have was taken.

I edited some of the pictures to take out others but you will see one picture from each year since 2006. I put the pictures in a word doc and posted it on Google Docs. You can see them posted at the link below.


Thought for today:
If you let control of yourself go and give in to others, who are you really? Are you the person you say you are or are you the person that you have given control to?

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  1. Your body may not know it's on a diet (calorie-wise), but your brain does. Keep telling yourself that this healthy food is filling, eventually the two will sync up. You're doing great!