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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 5th

I was a negative nelly yesterday. Not saying that weight loss is all sunshine and roses. Sometimes it's more like dark clouds and $%!#.

I was crying while writing this blog. It wasn't tears of hurt, they were tears of relief. For every letter and every word I typed, it was like someone was chipping away at the weight I've been carrying around. The tears went away but were later started back up. This time there was shock and giddiness!

Background.... I am friends with a local news anchor on Facebook. I enjoyed watching her on the morning news. I would get ready for school and she would make me laugh along with the other news anchors. Now she is doing afternoon and evenings, I'm still friends with her. I just love love love her! So anyway, she caught my blog through my postings on FB. I get this wonderful message from her.
"Your blog made me cry. I don't know why people are mean. When you're ready to go public, just let me know. I'll put you on the air tomorrow!!! I'll come to you. Sit down with you. We'll talk about your blog. That damn boy. And your blue dress. But I'll want you to wear blue for the interview (because I bet you're beautiful in blue)...and I'll bring a big fancy camera and light kit so you'll feel like you're on stage. Just say the word.... because you will inspire SOOOO MANY!!!!"

WOW! That's all I can say! I cried and cried tears of joy. I will definitely be taking her up on her offer!

Today's workout was so painful! I walked on the treadmill but then had my first consultation with a personal trainer. We walked through strength training and he showed me how to use some of the equipment.

I've decided I want to get a yoga ball and some resistance bands. That would be the best way to to get some workouts in at home. Those were Trainer Joe's suggestions.

I had to make three goals.

#1 Arrive at the Y by 4:30pm, 3 days a week, and work out for at least 30 minutes.
#2 Not buying cookies and ice cream, if it's in the house, I will eat it
#3 No fast food! If I eat it, choose wisely!

I think these are reasonable goals. Doable.

These are the kinds of posts that I would like to have. Occasionally though, I will need to post more negative things. I have so many more stories to share.

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  1. Love the 3 goals. If I buy junk, I eat it too.