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Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5th

Today was one of those days when you just want to curl up in bed and cry.  Things were going great until I had 2 small conversations that twisted my day around.

It's odd though, once I started teaching again after lunch, it's like nothing else happened.

As far as food and eating my emotions, I tried my best not to.  I was still under my calories.  I didn't exercise today, I decided that it was best to rest my body.  Not to mention I had a lot of school work to do and needed to focus on that.

Today was day 5 without pop.  I feel really good about it.  I'm craving it but instead of drinking a pop, I drink some Vitamin Water Zero.  I get something sweet but don't need much of it.  After a few drinks of it, I end up back to my water or tea.

I have researched pop/soda drinking and diet.  Here are some good articles:

Drinking your calories isn't a good idea... try to find alternatives...

Unfortunately, tonight is another quick discombobulated post.  Homework calls... again.

Until tomorrow..

Thought of the day:
Get your mind set to cut one unhealthy thing out of your day to day eating habits.  How can that change your overall health?

Comment below on what you are cutting out, I will check back with you.

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  1. I am working on eating less bread! I love bread alot but last week only had it 3 times instead of 3x a day and I lost 2.2 so it must have worked!