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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm in love!

As I was coming home from the casino, I decided to take the back way.  I wanted to avoid the turnpike. 

I fell in love with the countryside.  It was beautiful and the entire way I wanted to just get lost on the country roads.  I wanted to go for a walk in the forests and enjoy the outdoors. 

There were some beautiful plantation houses!  I want one!  Do you think anyone would care if I knocked on the door?

Didn't win anything at the casino but I did enjoy my walk tonight.  It was chilly but it felt good.  Since I have this week off, every day is a workout day.  I'm not quite up to 1 mile yet but I will be soon.  Wish me luck!

Until tomorrow...

Thought of the day:
Quit while you're ahead!

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