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Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11th

I've put the cats on a diet.  I've started feeding them Blue Buffalo Wellness food.  I'm hoping the house doesn't stink to high heaven after litter box use. 

Everyone in the house is dieting.  The cats don't seem to be too upset over the food change.  Actually they inhaled the food, must be yummy!

I am going to be shopping at Trader Joe's tomorrow.  I'm interested to see what food I can get from there.  From what I have seen, they are pretty reasonably priced.  I have my list of foods that you should eat organic and that you don't have to eat organic.  I'm also going to be looking at flavored green teas. 

I have read that green tea is good for digestion.  I am having some digestion issues so that would be good to have.  The cats and I are having problems so I think this is a good thing.  I do have some green tea here at the house.  It's kind of bland though. 

I'm feeling good overall.  My knee is still hurting, a week from Monday is my doc appointment.  I'm hearing a crunching noise when I walk, when I exercise, when I stand/sit.  Hopefully she will have some information for me. 

47 minutes on the stationary bike today.  By next Saturday I'm going to be at 50 minutes.  I just know it!  I would really love to be at a -7lbs by next Saturday as well. 

At least I have goals :)

Happy Saturday!

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