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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 28th, Happy Birthday Daddy!

I hope my dad had a great day!  I know he had a funeral to go to this evening, unfortunately.

Hey y'all!  Guess what?!  I'm 5'8" 280 pounds with a BMI of 43.  I am morbidly obese...

I'll let that sink in for a minute...

But you know something, I have little faith in the BMI.  Are you honestly going to tell me that the body builder without an ounce of fat is considered morbidly obese?  Yeah, good luck with that one!

Here is a BMI chart...

Some medical professionals believe strongly in this chart while others take it with a grain of salt.  Take it how you wish, it's your opinion.  That is the brilliance of the USA, freedom of speech.

On an OMG note...

A lady caught me today as I was leaving the gym.  She thanked me for going public with my story.  She is morbidly obese and the doctor had told her that she needed to change her life.  The doctor said that without making changes, she could be dead within a year.  

The wonderful woman has a goal to be able to walk one lap around a track by the end of March.  She was crying as she told me all of this.  I couldn't help but cry. 

It's one thing to read all of the inspiration that this openness has brought but to hear it is different.  

Congrats to all of you making positive health changes in your lives!  Keep working hard and reaching for new limits.  I hope to make a time soon to walk.  I'm watching the weather so we can start making plans. 

Thought of the day:
Who's life are you making a difference in today?

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