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Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2nd

I stumbled upon a quote tonight that I would like to share...
All I'm writing is just what I feel, that's all. I just keep it almost naked. And probably the words are so bland.
Jimi Hendrix

Thank you Jimi for expressing exactly how I feel about this blog. 

I don't think there is anything exciting in my writing.  I think it is just like my diary.  Sometimes I just want to burst into...

"OMG! U will nvr believe who asked me to the dance!" "I just can't stand that girl in 3rd period!  She is soooooooooo annoying!"

In a way, I do feel like that 14 year old girl writing in her diary.  I'm telling my most private thoughts like no one but me can read them.  

Like Jimi Hendrix, I feel like I am exposed, naked, vulnerable. I have written things that expose me to the world.  I am sharing with you, my dear reader, parts of my life that maybe I shouldn't share or maybe only those nearest to me know.  

I am the type of person that likes to write what I feel.  Writing is calming for me in a lot of ways. 

Christa told me that one of her producers thought I was a great writer.  I have heard that from others as well.  I don't think I'm a great writer, I just am writing.  Great writers get published. I will never be like Jerilynn Henrikson or my favorite local mystery writer, Nancy Pickard.  

The inspiration of these two ladies makes me want to continue to write.  Knowing that there are people out there that are waiting for the latest post encourages me to keep writing.  

So far, I have learned many things along this path.  Most of them are too great to mention.  One thing I do know, the support that I am gaining from my friends, family, co-workers, and people I don't even know, is what is really keeping me pushing ahead.  

Keep working hard and shooting for the stars!

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