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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8th, Who is your Role Model?

Happy Birthday Grammy!  I love you and miss you!  I hope you are partying it up in heaven!

Although she was critical of my weight and the way I looked, I knew she loved me.  She loved all of us.  I can still tell you where the plates, bowls, cups, cereal, etc. were in the house.  I could probably walk through the house blindfolded and not have problems.  I knew that house like the back of my hand.

There was a beauty to my grandmother, one that I hope to achieve someday.  I never thought of her as old.  She never looked old to me.  It wasn't until that last year of her life that I saw her as anything but invincible.

One memory of her that I have been thinking about all day was a time near the end of her life and we were in the bedroom.  I was standing on a chair in her closet helping her go through her books and her things.  She was wanting to get rid of all the things that she thought nobody would want.

As I was standing there, I couldn't help but cry.  How could I possibly throw away anything that my grandmother had ever touched?  How could I get rid of anything at all?  She saw me crying and called me over to the bed.  She held me like I was a child and let me cry. That moment in time will forever be ingrained in my memory.  She told me that no matter what happened or how old I was, I would always be her baby.

She always looked at the grandkids like babies.  Not in a bad way.  No matter how old we were, she saw us as innocent and beautiful.

The most memorable moment for me though involves both of my grandparents.

It was the Thursday or Friday before she passed (May 12, 2003).  My brother and I had gone to Florence for the day.  My aunt Merrilee was there, helping with the final days.  Paul, Merrilee and I went to the Chuckwagon for lunch to give grandpa some time.

When we came back the house was quiet.  Walking into grammy's bedroom I saw my grandpa asleep in the wicker chair with grammy's Emily Dickinson book open on his chest.  He had been reading her poetry.

That was the last time I had seen them together. A few days later we lost her.  Although heartbreaking and painful.  It is a wonderful thing to remember, a beautiful sight to see.

Phyllis Lorraine Williams Brosemer was/is my role model.  I look up to her strength, courage, humility, bravery, and ability to love everyone.

I hope someday to be like her.

I will always look up to her.

My dad, Steve, grammy, Merrilee, Julie and Grandpa.

Cheers to my grammy!  Cheers to my family & friends!  Cheers to health!

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