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Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19th, support

For the first time since I've started my journey, I need some support.

I have a strong urge to snack.  Not just snack... eat!  I'm hungry, I want to just eat until I feel full.  

I haven't felt like this since I started this back on January 2nd.  Tomorrow will be the start of Week 7.  I've lost 6.7 pounds!  I've lost a little more than a pound a week!  

I'm afraid that if I eat something, an apple, some hummus, or something that I will just want more.  

I've had to step away from the TV, just looking at food isn't helping. I'm listening to music and hoping that this feeling goes away.  I've had over 8 glasses of water today.  I decided to put some lemon in my water tonight to give it a little flavor and hope it helps me. 


I know this is normal and I just have to get through it.  I was looking for websites with some suggestions on what to do.

Here are some to keep in your arsenal...

After reading through these, I have decided that I am going to eat something small.  I need to eat something with fiber.  Apples have a lot of fiber so I think I will do that.  

It's just so hard today!  I've got to push through this.  This wall can be broken down and I can make it. I just have to fight. 

Thought of the day:
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
C. S. Lewis


  1. I am doing Weight Watchers and with the new point system FRUIT and most veggies are FREE (0) points!! So when Im hungry I grab fruit or carrots something like that! I so know the feeling you are having though! Eat your apple or other fruit and dont feel bad.. its something good for you!

  2. You should never feel hungry! Hunger will sabotage you. I have to agree with Holly. Eat some fruit or veggies-they are good for you. Remember, your body burns them differently than other foods. You should Google WW's Power Foods. They will keep you fuller longer and are great healthy options.

  3. I discovered that I was way under my calories yesterday. Like 800 calories under! Hunger issue figured out!

    I ate an apple and then I had some banana chips. That helped quite a bit. I need to watch my calories better.

    I Googled WW power foods. Those should help me stay fuller longer.

    Thank you both for the advice on those!