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Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20th, That feeling of...


Early post for me tonight.  I'm just not feeling very much like writing tonight.  I guess sitting in front of the computer all day working on papers and assignments will do that to a person.

Last night's binge feeling finally went away.  I ate an apple and that helped a lot.  I also ate some cheese. I figured out the problem... I was WAY under calories yesterday.  I had only eaten about 1200.  Um, yeah, my goal for the day is 2050.  So way low!

Today, I managed my calories a lot better.  I still have 400 left for the day.  I can get some pita chips and hummus for a snack later and still have a few left over.

I hated feeling that way last night.  I felt out of control, helpless.  I got some messages of support on here, through email and text.  You guys are AMAZING!!

I'm going to monitor my knee, see if it gets better after the weight comes off.  When your BMI lists you as morbidly obese, you tend to think the journey is going to be a long one.  The doctor was happy to see that I had lost quite a bit of weight since my last time there.  She is also very pleased with my approach and attitude.

It's 5:50pm, I've showered, in my pj's and ready for bed.  I just started feeling this way a little while ago. I think it's the back to work blues.  4 day week = long week.  The kiddos are just crazy and a mess on short weeks making it feel a lot longer than normal.

Hopefully this week isn't very stressful, unfortunately, I think it will be.  Tuesday meeting from 4:30-6:30, Wednesday workout, Thursday meeting, Friday workout, Saturday massage and dinner with a friend.  ARG! Busy week!

Thought of the day:
It's called a workout because it requires effort!  Without the work, it's simply an easy out!
~Author Unknown

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