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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14th! Happy Valentine's Day!

Before I really go into my topic for tonight, I would like to say WELCOME to my new friends and followers!  I hope that you find this blog informational and entertaining.  Be sure to check out the links on the right side of the page.  Especially Chunky Munkey and Chunky Girl in Training.  Both of these ladies are friends of mine and Chunky Girl in Training started the blog thing and I took her idea and ran with it (pun intended!).  A big thank you to Rachelle, I wouldn't be on TV or getting to share this with so many people if it wasn't for your inspiration!

According to Christa, the story that was posted on the KSHB website was the top trending story today!  OMG!
My blog hits went from 1887 at 6:30am today to 2146 at 8:00pm.  Wow!  Thank you!

So tonight while I was at the gym, I was thinking a lot about the last 6 weeks.  It's been full of ups and downs.  To think, 6 weeks ago when I got on the stationary bike for the first time, I was at resistance 3 and struggled to get to 20 minutes.  Today, oh wow! today...

I had made a goal last week to make it to 50 minutes on the stationary bike... I DID IT!  I had planned on getting there on Saturday.  Not this Fat Girl!  I did it today and at resistance 6!  Who would have thought I would have gotten there in 6 short weeks?!?!  Not this girl!

I think I just hit my new stride!  I think the last week or two I've hit a plateau again.  I've been reading on the bike, not listening.  I needed to listen to my body.  When was the last time you listened to your body?  My body was telling me that I am making progress.  I wasn't listening!  I was feeling down and not to happy with it.

I was starting to feel as though I had made a mistake in doing all of this.  I was wondering how to get out of it, wishing I had a time machine to go back and undo all of this.  I cried a few times over this.

Tonight though, I didn't have a book, I had my MP3 player and that was it.  I had the TV turned on and was watching it.  I wasn't really reading the closed captioning.  I was just staring at it.  Zoned out, in my own world. (Until I saw my teaser and almost screamed and almost fell off the bike)

I can't explain it.  It was just me and the stationary bike. My body needed to talk to me.  We had a conversation that was very much needed.  I had to go back and look at where I came from to where I am now.

Without this blog, without the support and without will power and motivation, I don't think I would feel this way.

I told my step-mom today that I was surprised that I am saying that I'm looking forward to exercise, looking forward to eating right and ready to change.

I finally have the determination and motivation to make it work.

Thought of the day:
Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.
Samuel Smiles


  1. Saw your story on the news just now. You go girl! Congrats to you.

  2. Just saw your story. Very inspiring. I just stared using MFP last week. Would like to follow you on there as well.

  3. Thank you!

    I've got my MyFitnessPal information in the about me section.

  4. Just saw your blog on the news!! So inspiring!! I'm in the weight loss process right now as well. I have lost 10 pounds and am super excited!! I started at an all time high of 235 pounds YIKES!!!! I swore I would never get over 210 then it was 220 then I finally said enough is enough!! Geez I'm sure I could go on and on here but then I'd feel like I'm just leaving a blog post.....maybe I will start my own blog someday! I am in the area if you ever want some moral support or a workout buddy let me know!!!!

  5. Hey Rebekka! I too just saw your story on the news and I wanted to pass along my well wishes! Thank you for being so transparent and sharing your heart with us, I'm sure that wasn't easy to do. I have had a hard time getting back into the gym routine after having my third baby in October; its been incredibly hard actually. Your mindset and determination is contagious and have inspired me! Good luck, best wishes and buy LOTS of blue! You look beautiful in it!!

  6. Ok! I'm caught up and am looking forward to seeing what the doc says about your knee. Runner's World website has lots of "How to fix your knees" info. You're very brave and are doing a great job already.

  7. I saw your story on the news last night, so very inspiring! I too have struggled with my weight all my life, and have been fighting with how to get back on track. After listening to you, hearing your stories of different situations that you have experienced and how people have treated you, it brought all my own experiences up front and in my face. I decided it's time for change and I think I might consider blogging myself, think it would be a healing of sorts of the emotional scars, the bad experiences and share with others what being morbidly obese is all about and hopefully educate people. All of us, regardless of our size, want to matter to someone, to fit in, be happy, enjoy life and most of all be seen and treated with respect. Way to go Rebekka! Look forward to following your progress and THANKS for inspiring me !! Kim

  8. Another one that found you via KSHB's article. You are so incredibly brave! I cannot imagine having gone public with my "getting healthier" plan when I first started last March. I was barely able to share it with friends and family as I was so afraid I'd give up not long after I started and didn't want to feel like I'd failed at my goal. I know that I wouldn't have been able to get as far as I have without the support of those family and friends. They have been crucial to help keep me motivated and going, along with the MyFitnessPal app and a couple of others that helped me track my workouts. It is a ton of work and I'm not done yet, but feel SO much better today than I think I ever have. Keep up the amazing work!

  9. Thank you so much!

    I truly appreciate all the kindness and support. I hope everyone has success in their own journeys!

  10. After watching the piece about you on KSHB I read your blog to see what actions you have implemented to resolve the issues you have with being overweight. As someone who has been studying health and nutrition for the past six years I thought I might able to give you some help/tips/direction if you so desire. I have no credentials in these matters nor am I offering any of this for a price. I am at a point in my life that I just want to help people and I think I can. I am retired from the animal healthcare industry, nearing my seventh decade age-wise and have gained much knowledge in the past six years about what is a healthy lifestyle. If you wish to discuss this further you can contact me via email at alpdiver1@yahoo.com. I wish you all the best on your journey and hope you find the success you desire!