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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The First Day of Spring?

So it has felt like Spring for a long time... this is just the official first day :)

I didn't work out today, I took a day off.  I worked out on Sunday night and Monday morning.  I ran a quick errand this morning and then stayed home.  I needed to make sure my body was rejuvenated.  I felt a lot better once I took about a 10 minute hot bath and did some yoga on the Wii.

A few days ago I posted some myths about food, exercise and weight loss.  I found the picture below on Pinterest. I would love to print this and post it somewhere.
Speaking of Pinterest, I'm turning crafty!  Pictures tomorrow of my new craft!

The crafting is relaxing and will be a good way for me to bring some Zen into my life.  *Ommmmmmmmmmm* :)

Thought of the day:

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