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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


January 1, 2012 288 pounds
March 6, 2012 280 pounds

8 pounds lost and 80 to go!  
3 month and a little over 3 weeks until the 5k, I will do this!

Just tie a blanket around my waist and I will take off!  The wind around here is ridiculous!  I'm not going to complain to loudly since I get to have windows open and spend time outside.

I went to the gym tonight to get some much needed exercise.  38:40 minutes = 2 miles on the treadmill... I'm so tired!

Although homework is a priority, there is always time to work out.  The biggest factor for me right now is not being stressed out.

I've decided that since next week is spring break, I am going to spend as much time outside as I possibly can.  If that means going to the zoo or the park, then so be it!  The great thing about technology is that you can take the computer with you to get your work done.  I hope there are some people around the area that would love to join me! 

Thought of the day:
It's not I CAN but I WILL!

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