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Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 22nd, I hate...

Hate is a strong word.  I teach my student's that it is not a word that is appropriate to say.  However, when it comes to weight loss, societal views on weight and being healthy, I have some "hates".

I hate the quote from Kate Moss, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".  Many feel like Kate Moss was pro-anorexia when she said that.  I can't agree or disagree with this, what was the context surrounding that quote.  We weren't there, we didn't hear an unedited version of the interview.  But I do hate it.  Skinny probably feels good.  I don't know, I don't ever remember being skinny.  But just because you are skinny, it doesn't mean that you are healthy.  I wouldn't mind staying 278.2 pounds for the rest of my life if I was at my healthiest.  Not going to happen but you see my point.
I would rather say, Nothing looks as good as healthy feels.

I hate when someone tries to tell me what my body can do.  My doctor, trainer and I know what's best for me.  If my doctor tells me not to do a particular exercise, then I will do what she says.  Don't argue with me!!!!

I hate when I start feeling down on myself.  I think I'm just feeling that was because I'm tired.  It was a late but awesome night.  I went to dinner with a new friend and then we went to see Hunger Games in an advanced screening.  It was AWESOME!  Today I was tired and just didn't feel right.  I was going to walk when I got home but it was pouring rain and I just honestly didn't want to walk in the rain today.  I could have gone to the Y but I'm going tomorrow after school.   Honestly, I'm tired, cranky and need some sleep.

I hate people that don't know what personal space is.  Yes I asked you a question but get the hell out of my face when you answer it.  Is it necessary to get as close to me as you can?  Seriously, back off!

I hate nosey people.  Don't question me and my motives.  Don't ask me very personal questions.  What is it your business how many times a day I visit the bathroom to poo.  That is between my doctor and I.  My sex drive is none of your business.  My period is none of your business.  Frankly, the only thing that is your business is if I am still breathing and maybe the words that I will be spewing at you if you keep asking these questions.

Just because I have a blog and am putting myself out there, doesn't mean that every little piece of my life is on display.

New Flash!  I have secrets!  One in particular only 1 person knows and that is how it will stay.

Thank you for letting me vent!  I feel free of negativity right now.  Sometimes I let things like this fester and I just have to explode like this.

To leave you on a positive note...
I am laying in bed with the most handsome guy ever!  Mr. William "Willie" "Woowoo" "Wonka"!  He is the best cuddle buddy and is curled up next to me snoring his little kitty snore.  :)  I love my KitKats!

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  1. Agree!! I was at my ideal weight once and I gotta tell ya cake and ice cream soo tasted better than the taste of victory in seeing the lbs gow down on the scale lol