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Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23rd, Thank you

Tonight's post is going to be a little different then some. 

Negative moment of the day:
I felt EXTREMELY guilty after dinner today.  I just couldn't take it and needed a bacon cheeseburger.  I don't know why but I HAD to have it.  After I ate it, I felt disgusting.  It tasted good but it wasn't what my body is used to. 

So how is this negative?  Well, it was that disgusting feeling.  I used to feel that way all the time because I would gorge myself and over eat.  Now I stop when I'm hungry and I don't eat that amount of crap anymore.

Negative comment that made me smile:
So on my walk tonight (since I was feeling guilty and gross) these wonderful teenage boys drove by me.  Actually, at the time I wasn't walking, I was RUNNING/JOGGING!  Anyway... the passenger in the car rolled down the window and with the cigarette in hand yelled, "run fatty run!"  I just yelled back, "I am!" and kept going.  I had to smile because unlike this obnoxious boy, I was doing something.  That just inspired me to keep going!  Thank you obnoxious teenage boy!

I had an AHA moment today.  I couldn't figure out why I was swollen and retaining wait.  My time of the month was last week.  Wednesday my rings and watch were loose and yesterday and today they weren't like they have been lately.  As I was chatting with Heather after school, it dawned on me that the sodium from Wednesday night's dinner (I ate the leftovers for lunch yesterday) was pretty high.  There was sausage in it, cajun seasonings (probably salt in it) and I also ate 2 fresh pretzel sticks.  I've been drinking water like crazy so I'm guessing that is why I'm having issues.

So while I was on my walk/run/jog tonight I was huffing and puffing it home and I was running by a lady walking a dog.  I was keeping time with my music, jamming away.  The lady was watching me pretty intently, I thought, "great, another dumbass comment!"  Instead, I got "keep going, you're doing great Rebekka!"  Whoa!  Anonymous lady knows my name!  Holy Buckets!  Is one of my reader's the lady?  If you are, thank you!  You pushed me to finish strong!

I talked to myself the last 50 feet or so.  "Almost there!" "Keep going!"  "You can do it!"  I was talking out loud the whole time.  I probably sounded ridiculous but I needed it for me.  I just really don't care.

Oh another thing... I walked on College Blvd. today and did it with my head held high and wasn't embarrassed that people would see me walking.

I am proud of what I am doing, It feels good!  Head held high doing the healthy things I need to do! 

Thought of the day:
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. Yay really proud of you!Love the quote,my hubby lives by it.No one should have control over your emotions,but you.Awesome job rebekka!!!

  2. Love your attitude! Keep on keepin on!!!

  3. Thank you Erika! We need to go walking soon!

    Marianne, thank you so much! It's amazing what a little attitude change can do for a person.