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Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19th, rainy dreary day

So the last week has been a learning/growing experience.  I have had some conversations that have given me that "Aha!" moment I needed again.

First, I was complaining to Jessica how disappointed I was that I didn't make some goal that I had set for myself.  Her reply was, "you are doing better than those on the couch!"  AHA!  You are right!  Why should I be down on myself for not making a goal when I'm at least moving my body?  So remember...

Second, I have talking to a few different people about how I have plateaued.  I will admit, it's frustrating but as Rachelle (Chunky Girl in Training, check out her blog, link to the right :) ) pointed out today, I'm building muscle.
Now we've all heard different things like "muscle weighs more than fat".  That is false, I guess that should have gone on yesterday's blog :).  Anyway, muscle takes up less room than fat.  So even though the scale isn't moving, your clothes might be fitting differently.  Most likely your body is replacing the fat with muscle.
Rachelle and I had a great conversation about it today she said, "where does it go?" "I keep expecting to find a puddle of butter under the bed!"  It is so freakin' funny!!  I have wondered that too!
What would you rather have in your body?

Third, clothes and other things are fitting me very differently. I have a pair of jeans that all I need to do is pull down, no need to unbutton!  I decided to take some pictures today just to show how loose things are.  Back in January my watch barely fit.  It would turn on my wrist but was tight.  Today, while at the longest stop light ever, I tried to get my watch off without undoing it.  I almost made it!  I can fit two fingers between my wrist and band.  Cool huh?

Look how loose it is!
My ring almost falls off!
Lots of changes!  I'm coming up on my 3 month mark, April 2nd, which is also my mom's birthday!  I will be taking new pictures to show progress.

I'm so glad that I got my workout in before it rained.  Rachelle and I walked 3.6 miles and ran 1/2 mile this morning.  Last night I also ran 1/2 mile.  Training for my 5k.... more tomorrow!

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  1. Really happy you are seeing the physical changes and are concentrating on the positive :)