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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


94 days!  That's how many days until The Color Run.  I've had a request for the website so here it is :)

My arms and back hurt after my workout tonight.  I have upped my weight limit so it is harder for me.  I think it will be sore tomorrow.  The price to pay for a healthy body.

It was a hard workout for me tonight.  I'm just exhausted.  I'm not sleeping well to start off, then testing testing testing.  It is more exhausting then teaching or working out.  My trainer told me I had "tired eyes".  I'm hoping to go to bed early tonight.  I turned on the A/C so I'm hoping that will help with the allergies.  I'm guessing that is why I'm having problems sleeping.

Tonight is a little disorganized, I'm sorry for that.  I have testing brain.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better.  

Until tomorrow...

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