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Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12th, The Boxcar Women

A big Thank You to Jennifer and Holly for walking/adventuring with me tonight!!

I looked and we got almost 4 miles in!!  We found some pretty steep grade hills and I got some wonderful encouragement while hiking up the hill.  It was definitely needed!  If I was alone, I would have given up but I didn't and I made it!

We saw a family of deer, I think at one time I counted 8.  The dogs that were with us didn't seem to notice them. That is probably a great thing!

I've learned some lessons tonight...
#1 Sketchers Shape-ups suck for going down hills
#2 Take a trail map with you
#3 Make sure you have a charged phone while walking
#4 Great conversation makes the walks more enjoyable!

Wednesday is Kansas City Zoo day!  Join us for a fun day of walking and seeing some awesome animals!

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  1. It was definitely an adventure thats for sure! You did a great job with those hills!My legs are hurting a bit tonight thats for sure!
    Thanks for asking me to go with you!